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Furry Baby Services



Whether plans go well or if they unravel, circumstances can leave pet owners in a bind. How to take care of pooch and meow? Seldom does a pet lover neglect on purpose, but unexpected events get in the way, time runs out, and things happen.  If you have a pet with destructive tendencies, you are aware of what a delay or a skip in routine can do. This is because pets thrive on attention and structure.







Work, playtime, meetings, appointments, vacations, or simply a break for personal freedom all give reason to need a little  help with your furry babies, but leaving them to another’s responsibility is no easy decision.  Rest assured that your everyday life matters to me because as a pet owner, animal lover, caregiver of people and an all-around service minded individual, I will support you and your pet, when you need it.




‘Everyday Life Matters’ is there for you.

Don’t worry over being in two places at the same time or fret because an interrupted schedule led to an accident.





All services include basic household needs such as bringing in mail, turning lights on or off, sweeping up a bit of pet hair, taking out a bag of trash, and keeping you updated on your home and pet. Cleaning up accidents and wiping paws on rainy days too. Customize our service to fit your pet’s unique temperament or circumstance, and your needs as well. Rest assured that Everyday Life Matters provides the highest level of care for your pet and home in your absence. You’ll return to a tidy home and a happy four-legged loved one.


No Cost First-Time In Home Consultation: 

Everyday Life Matters genuinely wants to meet you and your furry baby before scheduling a visit. Everyone has special care needs and their pets have different routines and temperaments.  In my experience, introducing guests by the owner is the best strategy to determine an appropriate match, allowing pets to feel more comfortable when alone with them later. Pets rely on instinct and remember acquainted scent and taste very well. While all animals have adored me, there is always a chance that one may not. 

No charge for an in-home consultation.


Daily Walks & Playtime:

Everyday Life Matters provides full-service for your pet with a nice walk, fresh water, a food refill and their favorite treat. 30 minutes of exercise, love and attention in the morning, afternoon or evening.

Rate $20 per dog, per 30-minute visit, staying longer if needed to earn your pet’s trust. Each additional Pet $5 per visit.


Drop-In Visits:

When walking is not required and you simply need someone to let pooch into the back yard, fill a bowl of water or replenish food, let us drop by to do it.  Great for puppies developing structure, older or disabled pets in need of special attention. Provide food and water for 1-3 cats and scoop out litter. Add a kitty litter pan change for just $9.

Rate $15 per dog, per visit. Each additional pet $5 per visit.


Long-Term Pet Sitting:

Having Everyday Life Matters on your side means no worries about your furry baby’s well-being. No anxiety traveling. Stress-free business trips. Relaxing Family commitments. Extended Vacations.  When you require 5 or more consecutive days of pet care, 3 times per day, we will visit your home morning, noon and evening for the same full-service.  When once a day attention is not enough for the discerning pet owner, this service allows for superior care on a budget.

Rate $12 per dog, per 30-minute visit. Each additional pet $5 per visit.


Kitty Litter Pan Changes: 

When you are away, have no have time, or if the task has become too much…let us remove the old litter, properly clean the pan, and then refill with new kitty litter. For your kitty’s health and emotional well-being, they should have fresh litter once a week, no less than once a month, with the pan cleansed each time using mild soap & baking soda. Remember not to hide litter pans as felines prefer convenience, and there is a recommendation of using one litter pan per cat, plus an extra.  Cats are territorial.

Rate $15 for one or two pans per visit. Using your litter and our cleaning supplies. Each additional pan $3.


Dog-Waste Pick-Up: 

Keeping your lawn and exterior areas free of pet waste is essential for your pet’s health, yours and your children’s too. Create a more sanitary interior by simply getting rid of poo in the yard. Remember, it doesn’t just stay outside. Paws and feet track it in the house, over carpets, onto furniture and bedding. Removal helps prevent disease, control water pollution, reduce flies, and it makes your surroundings more usable. It promotes responsible pet ownership while having healthier grass and a more beautiful yard.   

Rate $15 per average residential lot. One visit per week per dog.  Using our supplies. Each additional dog $3. Initial clean-up, oversized lot or multiple areas fee may apply.


As always, we offer discounts for multiple visits and combined services. Call me!


Holiday Rates:

A surcharge of $5 will apply to every visit for the following holidays:


Thanksgiving-Thursday and Friday.

Christmas- Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

New Year’s- New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day

Easter Sunday

4th of July


Prices subject to change.




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